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About AdenJs

There is no need to know specific programming tools and languages to hold your data in the cloud based architectures. AdenJs creates projects with design, programming language and database independent cloud based systems.

AdenJs gives opportunity to develop your web application on desktop and on the Cloud. If you prefer to develop your forms and pages you can use AdenJs in your desktop computer. This option don't supports backend code generation for your web application product, but you can integrate with any other sevices if you have any.

AdenIo is AdenJs Online developmen platform. It's accessable when you login to your awesome AdenJs project. (This feature only appears if you are super admin or admin of that project.) This option supports backend code generation and data management, just generate your form and save your data on Cloud. You can use our AQL (AdenQueryLanguage) to reach and analise your data. First release, do not support backend job creation.

Who can use this product?

In the first release, you have to know JSON data format to generate relational form templates and interactive actions.

Without javascript language, you can easely create your forms and managae your data. Crud operations and more will be generated and handled by AdenJs.

If you are a javascript developer, and if you have a good json data format knowladge, there is no limitation.


Create form and actions with simple Json formats.

We support bootstrap 4 (for the first release).

For the first release, AdenJs has own query language to convert your database queries from AQL to Postgresql, Oracle 11g, MySql, MsSql, CouchDb, MongoDb and Firebase. We just use MongoDb for the first release, after penetration test and load tests, we are going to open other databases to usage.

AdenJS Online

Create form and actions with simple Json formats. We hold your project pages information in the Cloud. And of course you can downlad them in your computer.

AdenJs Online has AdenIo (online editor) project. You can easyly create your forms and javascript code with using AdenIo ediotr panel which is in your project. When you save your form data, the changes deployed instantly.

We support you to hold your data in our cloud systems with some limitations like bandwidth and database size.

You can export your data in different kind of database formats. In the first release we support NoSql data formats.